Debbie Montgomery was born in Memphis Tennessee, moved around a bit as her dad did his medical residency with the US Army, before the family settled in Corpus Christi, Texas. The house was always filled with music and Debbie remembers her father frequently playing boogie woogie music and show tunes on the piano.

Debbie took dance lessons in Junior High, but discovered Karate class in high school (which is also where she discovered singing and theater!). The evolution progressed from high school musicals to the Little CC Theater, moving up to the Junior College Opera Workshop, and culminating with the CC Chorale which performed with the Philharmonic.

Soon after, wedding bells rang and Debbie, raising a family, put her musical art on hold for awhile. She went to school for and became an occupational therapist, a profession which has been a mainstay in her life. But she continued to participate in Little Theater Musicals and plays, whenever she could.

When the kids grew up and moved away, Debbie rekindled her musical journey. She came to Los Angeles and competed in two “Talent Contests.” An agent invited her to move to L.A. and said, “I can make no promises, but you’ve got what it takes!”

Debbie thought, “Why Not?”

With blessings from her family, Debbie left Texas and made L.A. her new home and to continue the pursuit of her musical dream. She connected up with some top pros in the field and was able to honor her father by recording many of his beautiful songs on her debut CD, “Let’s Turn the Lights down Low.”

Now, Debbie is ready for her next great adventure, as she recreates herself in an upcoming one-woman show.

Stay tuned…